3 Ways To Share And Receive Business Love

1 – Build your network

Networking is an uncomfortable thing to do but it’s incredibly important and the main thing to remember is that networking takes time. The cardinal sin is to think you’ll win new work straight away based entirely on your charm and your chat. That’s unlikely to happen however smooth and operator you think you are! Remember that everyone at a networking event is – to some extent – also trying to sell their products and services to you. There’s a lot of give and take and it takes time to forge meaningful relationships and move a potential sale forward.

Networking is about building connections, putting the word out and finding the right sort of potential client for your business. Don’t lose heart if you haven’t made five sales in the first three months. Play networking as a long term strategy and build a world class network of strength and depth.

2 – Two heads are better than one

And a great way to cover those gaps? Consider finding a business partner. Someone else to come up with good ideas and someone to tell you when your idea needs a little bit more work. If you’ve got more than one person there, you halve your chances of making that costly mistake. Plus there’s always someone else to make the tea …

3 – Ask for the right sort of help

There’s a lot of places you can ask for help. But you should match the advice you seek with the advice that you need. Take us, for example. We’re your friendly local business advisor and accountant. We’re able to add real value to small and medium sized businesses because our firm is a similar size and we know first hand the challenges you’ll be facing.

When you select suppliers or professional support make sure you know where the extra and important value lies and use this as your yardstick rather than price.

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