5 Things Every Interviewer Should Know

There is a lot of information out there to help candidates prepare for an interview but not enough content to help the interviewer. After conducting several interviews to replace our placement year students as well as to add permanent staff to our growing team we have learned a few things along the way. Below are just a few tips we think every interviewer should keep in mind when preparing to meet a potential candidate.

Be Nice!

This may seem like an obvious one but you would be surprised the stories we have heard from our candidates about how rude previous interviewers were. Interviews are nerve-racking at the best of times so if your interviewee does not know something, point them in the right direction instead of calling them out on it – they’re only human!

Make Candidates Feel At Ease

Why not start by having a chat with the candidate so they feel comfortable. They are likely to be feeling on edge and a relaxed candidate is key to finding out whether they’re right for the job! This also gives an opportunity for you to get to know them in a personal light too, though it goes without saying you shouldn’t ask anything that might be perceived as biased.

Keep It Casual

Whilst the workplace is a professional environment, it is important to just be yourself and not come across in an intimidating light so try not to be too formal with the candidate. If you’re able to, why not conduct the interview in a coffee shop so the candidate can loosen up. You will be able to get a lot more from your candidate that way too.

Follow Up With The Candidate – Regardless Of Whether They Got The job Or Not

This really is a big deal! A little time spent on your part goes a long way to helping candidates find their way. Sometimes our candidates shared with us that they would not receive any communication at all following a job interview, so taking time to offer some brief feedback is polite and will reflect well on the overall perception of the company. Let candidates know why they did/did not get the job, so they have useful feedback to use going forwards!

Prepare For Online Interviews

We will find more and more that interviews will take place online, and over the past few months we have held several recruitment processes start to finish all via virtual meetings. As an interviewer it’s important to remember to give your candidates space to finish their train of thought, as online conversations sometimes do not flow back and forth as naturally as they would in person. Be sure to check your audio and visual settings in advance of the interview so that you are prepared to meet your candidates, and always forgive an interviewee if they cut out for a few seconds!

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