5 Things To Include In Your HR Strategy Next Year

Whether you employ five people, or 50, in order to attract and retain your best staff you need a robust HR strategy. Whilst it doesn’t have to be complex, here are five things we recommend you include. 

1. Employee Satisfaction  

  • You can measure this using tools like staff surveys, appraisals and performance reviews. Consider how you can increase satisfaction levels through employee benefits and perks.  

2. Training and Development  

  • Set up a training plan and budget for all staff for the year, taking into account their varying needs.  

3. Proactive or Reactive HR  

  • Will you deal with HR challenges as and when they happen or will you plan for organisational change?  

4. Good Recruitment  

  • Getting the right tools in place is essential from the start. 

5. Flexible Working Options  

  • This is now more important than ever.  

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