ACTION! The Character Bio of a Modern Accountant

The role of an accountant has evolved considerably in recent times, with scripts being constantly rewritten in line with technological advances. The premier of cloud accounting tools has enabled instant access to financial data and as a
result, modern day small businesses and start-ups expect more from the relationship with their accountant then just a re-run of the annual production of accounts and tax returns.

A successful collaboration nowadays is far more hands on; highly contingent on continuous, quality dialogue between accountants and their clients through an increasing variety of media channels. As such the modern-day accountant has to act as more than just the traditional, type-cast compliance factory of old and broaden their range to meet the expectations of a 21st Century audience.

Extending the remit of their services means that modern accountants are taking on a wider variety of roles than ever before to help their clients, and as the director of your business’s story you have the ultimate say in which roles your accountant can play for you

If you haven’t already worked it out from my subtle referencing, this blog has somewhat of a cinematic theme. We’re all movie nuts here at ChadSan (in fact movie posters are our office decorations of choice!), so I’ve taken some inspiration from the silver screen to portray just some of the starring roles that your accountant can have in your business to help make it a box-office smash!


Constantly vigilant and on the lookout for any potential risks to the business, your accountant can provide security and
protect the business and its owners from falling foul of the ever unforgiving HMRC – Boooo! Identifying potential threats, such as cash flow issues and tax implications, and hatching contingency plans to overcome them.

Q Branch: ‘Grow up 007‘

Equipping your business tools for the job, making recommendations from an ever increasing arsenal of apps, add-ons and software. Providing the intelligence (well… most of the time) and support required as you embark on your mission for success.

The Mentor: ‘Do or do not – there is no try‘ – Yoda

Empowering small business owners with the wisdom needed to run a successful business; whether it be through imparting small nuggets of knowledge to improve internal record keeping processes and controls, through to larger scale advisory services and strategic development discussions to identify the overall direction of the business.

The Sidekick:

The Samwise to your Frodo, the Dr Watson to your Sherlock Holmes, the Mr Spock to your Captain Kirk (I could go on,but you get the picture) – A loyal ally and confidant that you can trust to always be at your side; there during the good times and the bad to provide advice and encouragement, helping you to get a (Vulcan death) grip on your finances and supporting you in your quest for success!

The modern accountant then, should be an all-rounder; the ultimate supporting co-star, providing the platform to enable your business to produce an Oscar-winning performance.

If your accountant lacks the range and versatility to play little more than a cameo role in your business’s story, then why
not contact us to find out how we at ChadSan can help make your business a box office hit.

Roll the credits …

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