ChadSan in the Spotlight – Sarah Goodchild

Can you share your journey on how you became an accountant, and what inspired you to pursue this career path?

During college, a career in accountancy was never something I had actively considered. My A-Levels were geared towards a very different career path. However, I did a business apprenticeship once I left college, and my first role was in the accounts department, which at the time I wasn’t overly excited about. Fast forward a few weeks and I realised that I absolutely loved everything about my new role and when it was time for me to rotate a few months later I asked if I could go back and I have worked in accountancy ever since!

What do you enjoy most about your role at ChadSan, particularly in developing the Outsourcing service and managing the bookkeeping team?

Since joining ChadSan, I took on the challenge of developing and growing our Outsourcing Team. This role has been incredibly rewarding as it involves working with some brilliant clients and creating tailored solutions for them. It has also been very exciting to implement new processes and systems within the team to streamline processes for both our clients and team members.

What aspect of your role do you find most fulfilling, and how does it align with your professional goals and aspirations?

The most fulfilling aspect of my role is seeing the positive impact that our work has on our clients and their business, I really love that we can take away some of the stress from clients so they can focus on what they do best which is the main goal for me personally and for my team. I also really love seeing the growth and development of my team members, and being able to help them with this gives me a lot of satisfaction. We have a really great team and I think that shows through the quality of the work being produced.

What strategies do you employ to foster strong relationships with clients and ensure their needs are met effectively?

I think it is important to have conversations with my clients to understand what they need from the services we are providing, what may work for one client might not necessarily work for another and we need to be able to adapt so that we can work with each business individually. I will always make sure that I actively listen and understand a client needs so that we can tailor our services for them. Alongside that I think it is important to be responsive and address and queries as soon as possible so that clients are not waiting for answers they need.

If you could describe your accounting style using a movie title, which one would it be?

Inside Out” because we need to make sure we understand our clients and their business inside out so that we can work as effectively as possible alongside them and add as much value as possible. 

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