ChadSan in the Spotlight – Sean Hookins

1) What is the most frequently asked question by a client?

Should my business register for VAT and what are the pros and cons. It’s crucial that all of the implications are thought through when a business makes a decision like this.

2) Whats your favourite part of your job?

I enjoy the flexibility that the job offers. I am lucky enough to be able to work once a week at Rocketdesk and be surround by gaming developers. I even get to try out new games yet to be released and the latest in VR.

3) Do you have any hobbies?

I would love to be able to do some drumming like I did when I was younger but at the moment all of my spare time goes to studying and revising.

4) Where do you see yourself in 5 years time?

Qualified and still part of the ChadSan team. In the future I would like to get more involved with helping to train and oversee new starters as the business grows. Also as I enjoy my time at Rocketdesk I would like to continue specialising in games development businesses.

5) Whats your favourite book?

I like reading autobiographies. I recently read Sir Alex Ferguson’s book called “Leading”. After such an amazing career I admire his philosophy regarding leadership and how he got to accomplish everything he has achieved. His drive is inspiring and he now gives lectures in universities to future business people.

Bonus: Tell me an interesting fact about yourself.

I used to be a drummer for a band when I was 14. We did some original stuff as well as tributes to rock music and grunge. We sang anything from Nirvana to Fleetwood Mac and even Black Sabbath. Good times!

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