ChadSan in the Spotlight – Vera Aroca

1. What’s the one thing you’d like to achieve or accomplish marketing-wise over the next year?
Daniel Barnes, Client Manager

We have had great organic growth in the past year by making our content significantly more visual and attractive which I believe makes information easier to digest. I would like to be able to continue with the progress we’ve been making and my goal is to get Chaddesley Sanford to a point that we are well known for our creative method of offering excellent business, financial advice and tax guidance.

2. I’ve heard that you are quite the chef, so tell me, what’s the lavish item you’ve cooked and are you willing to share the recipe?
Lija Rahman, Client Manager

I love cooking and baking! As a wife and mother the kitchen is my sanctuary and making a great dinner is always the first thing I do when I get home from work. My speciality has got to be my lasagna as I have a special way of making the white sauce and no, I’m afraid this recipe is top secret!

3. From the perspective of the only non-accountant in the business what do you think makes Chaddesley Sanford stand apart from their competitors?
Matthew Gambold, Managing Director

a) I think how much of a technology focused ethos we have.
b) How proactive we are as a business with our clients to deliver a bespoke service to each individual client as they have different requirements and needs.
c) The great business culture we have to nurture and encourage creativity and individual growth.

4. If you could have a superpower what would it be and why?
Suraj Sandhu, Client Manager

Probably super speed like the Flash. There is so much I want to achieve and get through but unfortunately there is never enough time. Having super speed would allow me to get through tons of valuable marketing content for me to incorporate in the business and at the end of the day get home in seconds without having sat in traffic.

5. As the only member of the team whose not an accountant, what was your impression of accountants in general before working for ChadSan and how has this impression changed since working here?
Sean Hookins, Client Manager

I admit that I had an impression of accountants being very formal and cold. That impression has certainly changed coming into Chaddesley Sanford. Since I started working here just over a year ago I’ve felt an abundant amount of comradeship within the team which in return I believe makes us a tight union and very motivational to be a part of.

6. Social media is a big part of corporate branding and personality. Where do you see this going, and are there any apps or platforms you think are key to any business’ social presence?
Sophy Ghosh, Client Manager

I believe social media is now vital for any business to get themselves known and to grow. At the moment I believe the key social media platforms for any starting business to get onto straight away would be Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn. Once a business is a bit more comfortable and has a lot more content to promote they can start looking at other platforms such as Instagram and Snapchat (depending on the audience you want to market to).

7. Being the one and only non-accountant at ChadSan, you’re outnumbered fifteen to one; do you ever feel as though you hear enough debits and credits jargon that you could arm yourself with a calculator and join in, or would that be your worst nightmare come true?
Georgia Gibson-Smith, Client Manager

I don’t think I’m anywhere near the level of giving any kind of accountancy advice but I am starting to pick up on a bit of the jargon! Soon I hope to have heard enough information to be an accounting whizz as well at the ChadSan marketing guru!

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