ChadSan’s 10 Year Anniversary

2011. Steve Jobs resigned as Apple chief executive, Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part 2 was the movie of the year, and we were introduced to the phenomenon called Game of Thrones. All while Matthew Gambold and Ed Sanford had big plans working from a tiny bedroom.

Chaddesley Sanford was born.

So where are we now? We are no longer a “start-up” anymore.

We went from a business being run in a bedroom to 4 offices across London, Guildford, Bristol and Essex with almost 40 employees! We have a proven business model, we use amazing apps/software on a daily basis, incredibly creative clients, great employees, excellent providers, the list goes on and on. We are very proud to say new clients are coming on board naturally thanks to word of mouth. In other words, we are here to stay!

5 years ago we asked Ed where he sees the business in 5 years’ time, he said the following:

“Over the last 2 years we’ve grown incredibly quickly to a team of just over 20 people and expanded geographically from London to develop a real presence amongst the Guildford business community. The culture of our business is centred around communication and people so being local is very important to us and we are already exploring the next office location. We want to continue to grow quickly but what is so important to us is retaining the team culture we have fostered along with delivering exceptionally high levels of service to our clients. Managing this growth without compromising on our values is the challenge that we spend a lot of time thinking about.”

We think we can happily say that we’ve kept to Ed’s word, and whilst we’ve doubled in size, we haven’t had to compromise on our quality of service or team culture.

Our vision for the future is to create even tighter relationships with our best clients. We don’t want 100 000 clients. We are more like your local friendly restaurant where everybody knows your name and you are guaranteed to be treated like a VIP.

Thank you for helping us to become what we are today. We are all incredibly proud to be celebrating our 10-year anniversary with a huge party, and to be sharing our journey with you.

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