Embracing Values at ChadSan: Our Guiding Principles

At ChadSan our mission is to help ambitious entrepreneurs and adventurous small businesses grow.

We achieve this through a philosophy of “Expert Advice. Technology driven + People focused”. This philosophy is a commitment to:

  • Giving our clients easy access to meaningful information, so they can confidently make informed business decisions
  • Taking the hassle out of managing finances, allowing them to focus on what they love doing
  • Offering insights and best practices to help them make better decisions as they grow

But how do we achieve this? By staying true to our core values, which shape everything we do.

These are different to what the Harvard Business Review calls “Permission-to-play values” i.e. the minimum behavioural and social standards required of any employee such as integrity. These are values you should see when you look around the room at any ChadSan office.

These core behaviours are what we value most. We seek them in new recruits, consider them for promotions, and sometimes use them as criteria for letting people go:

Communication & Transparency

We believe clear, honest communication is the foundation of any successful relationship. Here’s how we live it:

  • Listen First: We always start by listening. Understanding your needs is our priority
  • Seek Empathy: We strive to see things from your perspective, fostering better understanding and stronger partnerships
  • Keep It Short and Simple: No jargon. We make complex matters easy to understand
  • Be Open and Honest: Even when it’s tough, we tell it like it is. Transparency builds trust
  • Share Information Deliberately: Internally and externally, we strive to share information, quickly

Supportive & Teamwork

Collaboration and support are at the heart of our DNA. We believe:

  • In Promoting Collaboration: Working together brings the best results. We encourage teamwork at every step
  • Diversity Delivers: A diverse team brings varied perspectives, leading to better outcomes
  • Make Time for Teammates: We support each other’s success, knowing that together, we achieve more
  • Take Responsibility: We own our tasks and never pass the buck. Responsibility drives accountability

Innovation & Technology

We embrace change by:

  • Reducing Complexity: Simplicity is key. We break down complex processes for better efficiency
  • Challenging Processes: Continuous improvement is our mantra. We question the status quo to find better ways
  • Exploring New Tech: Curiosity drives us to discover and implement the latest technologies
  • Focussing on Execution: Great ideas need great execution. We focus on making things happen
  • Expecting Everyone Innovates: Innovation isn’t just for a select few. It’s part of everyone’s role at ChadSan

Career & Development

We’re committed to the growth of our teams’ careers, both personally and professionally:

  • Constructive Feedback: Regular, unemotional feedback helps us all grow. We embrace it
  • Long-term Planning: We look ahead, excited about each stage of our teams’ careers
  • Drive for Excellence: Excellence inspires. We push ourselves and each other to be our best
  • Eager to Learn: Development never stops. We’re always learning, always improving

Friendly & Social

A positive work environment is essential. We make work fulfilling and friendly:

  • Everyone Feels Welcome: Inclusivity is key. We ensure everyone feels part of the team
  • Fulfilment through Friendliness: Being friendly and social enhances work satisfaction
  • Creating Community: We use work to build a supportive community
  • Regular Social Events: From team outings to casual get-togethers, we make time for fun

At ChadSan, our values aren’t just words on a page. They’re the principles that guide our actions, shape our culture, and ultimately define our success. By staying true to these principles, we are able to continuously move forward, fulfilling our mission to help ambitious entrepreneurs and adventurous small businesses grow.

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