Grow Your Business On Social Media

Social media can be daunting at first and hard to understand, however it is a great way to form connections and get your
business out there to be seen. If you’re struggling with what to post, try these tips next time you find yourself on Twitter or Facebook and you want to promote your business.

1- The first step is to understand your audience

Many social media sites offer an analytics tool where you can learn a lot about your following. Understanding the age range and location of your audience can be really helpful to know when posting content so that you can make sure it’s relevant to them.

2 – Next you’ll need to find what content to share

If you have a company website that’s populated with blogs and information that would be helpful to your audience – use it! As long as it’s up to date and relevant.

3 – Try using graphics to draw attention

This could be anything from a team picture, to a colourful illustration. Just make sure it’s clear, good quality and relevant to what you’re posting about.

4 – Remember to be consistent

Although it does take a while to formulate a great post for social media, if your account is inactive for a long time between posts it won’t rank so highly and you won’t receive as much interaction.

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