How We Stay Motivated For The Year Ahead

One of the best ways we found to get passionate and to help inspire the rest of our team is a motivational work retreat.

For some people the thought of being offsite at a work retreat with a coworker might be uncomfortable but it can turn out to be fun and engaging. Our team managers walked away refreshed with a wealth of ideas and goals, which will reflect on their team.

Although company retreats seem to exist in this grey area between work and leisure, the results end up having a huge positive impact as individuals, as a team and as a company.

The ChadSan managers went on a well-deserved 3 day retreat in the lovely Cotswolds countryside.

Day 1 – Everyone arrived late afternoon and so the evening was spent bonding over dinner.

Day 2 – The morning started with a session with Carole Gaskell (Founder and CEO of Full Potential Group) on motivation. The questions posed were very interesting.

  • What drives you?
  • How can you get your team performing at their full potential?
  • What are the different drivers people have?
  • How can you use your core motivation?

The Client Directors spent the morning with Carole discussing their own work motivators, and went away thinking about what drives their team members and clients. Did you know there are nine types of work motivators?

The afternoon was spent walking in the beautiful countryside, taking advantage of the spa, reflecting on the morning motivational talk and poem writing which was read out during dinner time!

Day 3 – This is when it got really interesting. Everyone presented their 1-3-5 action plan for the year ahead. If you are not familiar with a 1-3-5 plan than here is a link to our guide on the best future plan you will ever need!

The morning ended with the managers cementing some action points so that they could take all they learnt, discussed and planned back to their teams. Creative juices were clearly flowing; our Client Director Georgia Gibson-Smith was kind enough to share a poem with us, in review of the retreat:

With all that said and done here are 5 things we all agree on when it comes to a motivational work retreat:

  1. It’s important to get away from your desk and reflect on the work you must do as well as the work you want to do.
  2. Communicate and set your goals clearly. We cannot stress enough how the 1-3-5 can help you achieve your objectives.
  3. Food brings people together. There is nothing better than having great food to go along with even better conversation about goals.
  4. Do some homework. It proved to be vital to go prepared with ideas and perspectives to share in order to make the most of the trip.
  5. Have a follow up meeting. After coming back to work it’s time to put the ideas and goals in motion with your team.

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