Job Retention Bonus

  • The Job Retention Bonus scheme will allow employers to claim a one-off taxable payment of £1,000 for every eligible employee who has previously been furloughed and claimed for through the Coronavirus Job Retention Scheme (CJRS) and kept continuously employed until at least 31 January 2021.
  • The Job Retention Bonus does not need to be paid to the employee.
  • To be eligible, employees must earn at least £1,560 between 6 November 2020 and 5 February 2021 and have received at least one payment of earnings in each of the months 6 November to 5 December, 6 December to 5 January and 6 January to 5 February.
  • Employees must not be serving a contractual or statutory notice period on 31 January 2021.
  • The bonus will be able to be claimed from 15 February until 31 March, once payroll submissions have been made for the period up to 5 February 2021. Guidance on how to claim is expected at the end of January, but authorised agents should be able to make these claims on behalf of clients.
  • Employers can still claim the Job Retention Bonus if they make a claim for the same employees through the Job Support Scheme, as long as they meet the eligibility criteria for both.

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