Mastering the Multigenerational Workforce

How to motivate, develop, and retain the best talent from each generation.

Baby Boomers (1946-1964)

Resourceful, Enjoy Mentoring & Strong work ethic

What do they want from work?

A loyal employer, hierarchical culture, the chance to mentor others and recognition.

How to motivate them

Utilise and honour their experience and dedication.
Offer post retirement opportunities or benefits.
Offer opportunities for intergenerational collaboration.

Gen X-ers (1965-1979)

Entrepreneurial, Innovative & Strong communicators.

What do they want from work?

A trustworthy employer, problem – solving opportunities, challenges and autonomy.

How to motivate them

Engage their critical thinking skills.
Give them frequent high-level projects to develop and execute.
Encourage them to attend leadership programs, conferences and events.

Millennials (1980-1995)

Tech-savvy, Collaborative & Natural problem solvers.

What do they want from work?

An empathetic employer, career growth, training for new skills and flexibility.

How to motivate them

Prioritise transparency within the business and career progression.
Encourage innovation, creativity and experimentation.
Provide a flexible, modern working environment.

Gen Z-ers (1996+)

Digitally fluent, Practical & Flourish in diverse workforces.

What do they want from work?

A culturally competent employer, competitive wages, mentorship & stability.

How to motivate them

Provide on-the-job training and/or study support to advance their skills.
Give immediate feedback and reinforcement.
Promote a fun, diverse and inclusive culture with a healthy work/life balance.

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