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In our interview with Jon Quinton, Founder of Overdrive Digital, he discusses their core services of performance marketing and paid social, emphasizing revenue growth for clients. Jon addresses challenges in the digital marketing landscape, with a focus on adaptability and profitability.

Can you provide an overview of Overdrive Digital and its core services?

Absolutely! Overdrive Digital is a specialist performance marketing & paid social agency based in the UK, servicing clients in the UK, Europe and the US. Our primary focus as a business is to help our clients grow their revenue through the use of PPC, Paid Social and more. 

This means that as a team, we are typically working with our clients to run ads across Google Platforms, Meta (Facebook), LinkedIn, TikTok and more. We’re lucky to have a great range of clients in both ecommerce and B2B / service sectors.

What sets Overdrive Digital apart from other digital marketing agencies in terms of strategy and approach?

Ultimately we offer the same services as many of our competitors, but just like you guys, I think the difference is really down to the people, approach and work culture within the business. 

Working with ChadSan has been different (in a positive way!) than every other accountancy firm I’ve worked with. The fundamental service is the same, but the ways of working and character are different. 

It’s exactly the same for us, and I believe it’s our approach to meeting a client’s brief that makes us different. We’re a straight talking bunch and whilst many other agencies will try to make themselves sound impressive using lots of jargon, we’ll say it how it is and focus on getting on with the work that’s going to make the difference. 

Of course we also have a vast amount of experience within the services that we offer, so there is a great track record of performance and knowing exactly what strategies to deploy and when to deploy them.

What are some of the key challenges and opportunities you see in the digital marketing industry, and how is Overdrive Digital positioned to address them?

There’s a ton of challenges in the digital marketing world. We operate in a constantly changing and shifting environment, with a platform related change or industry wide change most weeks. So, one of the key challenges is keeping up to date and being at the forefront of what we do. That alone is tough! 

I think the biggest challenge we have is the ongoing loss in tracking data and cookies. Whilst I completely believe in the need for personal privacy online, the downside of this is that reducing data for advertisers makes it far harder to sell your products. 

The difficulty here is two-fold; firstly we have less visibility on what tactics are generating our clients revenue. Secondly it’s becoming increasingly difficult to target ads at relevant audiences and segments. 

For a large brand spending multi millions per year this doesn’t really impact things too much as the volume of data available to you is vast. Sadly it’s the smaller businesses with smaller budgets that are suffering the most. 

Our approach to this is to accept the fact that our world is changing, and focus on looking at the impact of what we do at a higher-level business perspective. If we’re running campaigns and revenue is growing profitably, ultimately that is what we are here to achieve.

Can you share the most rewarding accomplishment within Overdrive Digital?

There’s been loads!! 

The best achievement by far is having a great team of people working together. For all the brilliant client wins etc, coming to work everyday with a bunch of brilliant people has to be the best thing!!

As per one of the points above, this is a really crucial part of our work.

We actively encourage everyone on our team to spend time keeping an eye on industry developments, with time built into our planning for research and investigating new changes. We absolutely have to do this in order to keep our clients performing. 

Besides this, we spend a lot of time attending conferences, webinars and chatting to peers within the digital marketing world. Oftentimes, having casual conversations with fellow digital marketers is the best way to learn! 

I think the main point on this is doing everything you can to get outside of your world. If a week goes by where you haven’t had a conversation with someone about something you didn’t know, or you haven’t looked into a new thing – you’re probably starting to slip behind.

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