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Since 2016 ChadSan have been offering industrial placements for university students year after year. It all started with one student in London (who is still working with us today!) and grew to 5 students annually across London and Guildford. We are proud to be able to support the next generation of accountants and offer them a vital year of experience and training to help them progress. We have even been able to expand our training opportunities beyond accounting to host a marketing placement. We spoke to the 2019/20 team of placement students about their experiences.

Our placement students find us in many ways, some make contact independently, and some apply via recruiters or their university.

“I first heard about ChadSan when one of the placement students from last year gave me a leaflet, I rang up to express my interest.” – Peter
“It was through a recruitment website, so I didn’t apply directly through ChadSan” – Lauren
“I saw the advert for the role on my university’s portal when searching for marketing placements.” – Casey

From speaking to them we have learnt that they experience an exciting year full of learning, hard work and acquiring new skills, but nothing can beat XeroCon for the highlight of their journeys!

“The highlight of my time at ChadSan has got to be Xerocon! Getting to hear interesting speakers and learning more about Xero and other related businesses was great but of course party was amazing too! ” – James
“Our attendance at XeroCon 2019 has got to be the highlight of my time at ChadSan. This is a two-day conference that ChadSan attend every year, alongside accountants from around the country (and globe).” – Carmen

We aim to provide enough practical experience to help with their final year studies and allow them to put into practice the concepts that they have already learnt.

“Now that I have put what I learnt at university in first and second year into practice, it’s much easier to understanding core accounting concepts. And I have gained more of a sense of business acumen.” – Lauren
“I think that returning to university I will have a refreshed outlook on what I want to achieve out of my degree and what steps I can take to maximise my employability and prospects for the future.” – Peter

Whilst the year doesn’t fly by without any challenges, we work alongside the team to ensure that they are fully supported and any issues are resolved.

“I found it challenging getting used to using some of the accounting software including Xero and TaxCalc, however through lots of practice and getting help from the team they’ve now become second nature to me. ” – James
“I do accounting at university but there were so many concepts and processes that were a completely new world for me. It was hard constantly correcting my mistakes. The team at ChadSan really aided my growth in this respect. I never felt like I couldn’t ask for help. And so many members of the team helped me learn from my mistakes, instead of just correcting them. ” – Lauren

We asked the 2019/20 team of placement students for one piece of advice for anyone looking to complete a placement year, here is what they shared with us:

“Firstly, to enjoy the placement year! Also, to be open to learning new things.” – Carmen
“My advice for any students looking to do a placement at ChadSan is to get in contact with the current students, or the management team to express your interest and ask any questions you have!”-
“Get stuck into whatever you can. Learn as much as possible. Always strive for growth.” – Lauren

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