Stop. Collaborate & Listen …

How Vanilla Ice can help your business!

A lot has changed since 1991, when Vanilla Ice’s hit, “Ice Ice Baby,” hit our hi-fi’s however, the lyrics, “All right stop, collaborate and listen,” are still powerful words that, when applied to the workplace today, can improve the way we work.

Stop Micromanaging

Heavily tracking operations and trying to monitor and manage them is useful when teams are still small. The problems tend to arise when the company grows and the manager can no longer keep up with everyday details that happen within the business.

Micromanaging is a hard habit to break but it can lead to very frustrated employees who need a little trust to thrive. So why do good leaders hire talented people and then frustrate them through micromanagement?

There are 2 main factors that motivate this behaviour. Fear of mistakes being made and loss of control.

Micromanagement has real costs for organisations; It harms morale, increases employee turnover, stalls the growth of company culture and wastes time. These negative outcomes add up to significant costs. Redirect your leadership focus from controlling your talented team members to coaching and supporting them.

Trust your team!

Collaborate With Your Team

We are firm believers that ‘teamwork makes the dream work’! Teamwork plays an important role in the success of a business and is key to the development of every employee. Teamwork can bring a boost in creativity and learning, it combines strengths and builds trust.

Of course when you put together a group of unique and talented people conflicts may occur but in teamwork situations, employees are sometimes forced to resolve conflicts themselves instead of turning to management.

In that sense conflicts can teach resolution skills. Tackling obstacles and creating notable work together makes team members feel fulfilled. Working towards achieving company goals allows employees to feel connected to the company. This builds loyalty, leading to increased levels of job satisfaction among employees.

Listen To Feedback

Did you know your employees know a lot more about your business than you do? They have more impact on your business than you do, day to day. Their positive energy fuels every good thing your company might accomplish. What could be more important than listening to and acting on the intelligence your teammates gathered through their everyday experiences?

Even bad feedback is good. We wrote a ChAdvice on why are business mistakes important. It can be hard to listen to feedback and not take it personally.

The benefits of listening to employee feedback – even when it’s bad feedback – is that listening builds understanding, which increases empathy. Listening to your employees has to become one of your priorities in order to increase employee engagement and improve your business.

There is a strong connection between employees that feel happy and appreciated in their role and client satisfaction. Organisations who gather, understand and act on employee feedback have a competitive advantage. By putting culture first your team will naturally deliver outstanding results.

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