Unlocking Game Development: A Summary Guide to the UK Games Fund Content Fund


In the dynamic world of game development, funding is the key to turning ideas into reality. The UK Games Fund Content Fund is a game-changer, offering financial support for developers. In this blog post, we’ll provide a summary of the available funds, how to access them, and the simple requirements for applicants.

Funds Available:

1.Pitch Development Program:

For refining game concepts.
Funding: Up to £25,000.

2. Production Program:

For full-scale game development.
Funding: Up to £150,000.

3. Marketing and Business Development:

For boosting project visibility.
Funding: Up to £50,000.

Accessing the Content Fund:

Application Process:

Project Preparation:

  • Have a clear project plan and budget.
  • Align with the program’s objectives.

Community Engagement:

  • Participate in industry events and networking.
  • Gain insights and connections.

Stay Informed:

Regularly check the Content Fund website.

Attend relevant workshops and subscribe to newsletters.

Applicant Requirements:

Eligibility Criteria:

  • Review specific requirements for each program.
  • Considerations include company structure and project scope.

Demonstrated Capability:

  • Showcase relevant experience and a strong team.
  • Highlight a track record of successful project delivery.

Detailed Project Proposal:

  • Provide a comprehensive proposal with a clear vision.
  • Include a development plan and budget breakdown.

Alignment with Fund Objectives:

  • Demonstrate how your project aligns with program objectives.
  • Showcase innovation, market appeal, and contribution to the UK gaming industry.


The UK Games Fund Content Fund is a game developer’s ally that opens the door to funding that can turn creative visions into successful games.

For full details see https://contentfund.ukgamesfund.com/

If you’d like to discuss how we could help your business grow please contact our Head of Client Development sean.hookins@chadsan.com or call 0330 0432 695.

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