Why should Small Businesses Invest in Placement Students?

A year in industry is often the best way for university students to progress quickly in gaining experience in a work environment – but what are the benefits for a small business employer?

We are proud to have placement students on the team and over the past couple of years they have contributed greatly to the business and had a real and long-lasting impact. Here are a few comments some of the team had to say when asked ‘Why should a small business invest in placement students?’.

‘The best placement students are people that are eager and willing to learn but can also handle a lot of the day to day admin tasks. They can bring new ideas to the business with fresh perspective as they usually don’t have any preconceptions about what is or isn’t possible. Ultimately taking care of a good student can often work out well in the long run especially as it makes it very easy to hire them straight after they finish their course.’

Daniel Barnes
Client Director

‘From the placement students’ point of view its can be really beneficial. It’s a great opportunity for a future career to have some hands-on experience. With regards to the business I think it gives the company a good culture to have a young person full of ideas as part of the team. There is also a feel of giving back to the community by helping people get a start on their career path.’

Joel Dailey
Office Director London

It’s hugely rewarding to witness our students developing both professionally and personally over the course of the year. A placement provides the student with invaluable “real world” experience and provides us with the opportunity to undertake a year long “interview” and the potential to welcome back a top quality, fully trained employee to our team further down the line.’

Matthew Gambold
Managing Director

It’s an excellent opportunity for an undergraduate to gain valuable experience of an office working environment as well as a broad understanding of the opportunities that a career in accounting (or other disciplines) can offer. Further, from our own experience of employing graduates, those that have undertaken a placement year really stand out from other candidates, particularly with regards to their communication skills. It’s also incredibly beneficial to us as they become a key part of the team over the year, having developed an internal placement role that goes far beyond simply shadowing full time employees. Finally, it’s been fantastic to recently welcome back one of our undergraduate placement’s as a full time employee having graduated this year.’

Edward Sanford
Managing Director

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