Placement Interview 2020-21

What did your placement role at ChadSan involve?

“I worked as a Marketing Assistant. This included creating social media content, assisting with the monthly newsletter, reporting KPIs and other general admin” – Abby

“My role at ChadSan involved a variety of tasks. I was part of the bookkeeping team which consists of completing bank reconciliations, raising, and chasing unpaid invoices and VAT returns as well as assisting in the preparation of final year-end accounts for clients. As a placement student, I was also in charge of several business admin tasks including sorting and scanning the post, organising socials, and purchasing supplies for the office.” – Holly

“I mainly help client managers produce accounts. This involves producing the first trial balance through Xero and creating the accounts in TaxCalc. I also help out with any other admin related work such as pension filings and contacting HMRC.” – Jonny

What’s been your favourite part about the placement?

“My favourite thing has been the people! Despite working from home the majority of my placement, they have still made me feel extremely welcome and are a lovely team. I’ve also loved gaining a better insight into marketing in a commercial setting, I’ve been able to apply theory to practice which is great” – Abby

“I have loved how diverse my placement has been. It has given me the opportunity to be exposed to all sides of accountancy allowing me to identify my likes and dislikes which will help me after university in deciding which career path I would like to pursue within accounting.” – Holly

“Furthering skills that I have learned at university has been great. I’ve also enjoyed getting to know my colleagues and being a part of the ChadSan team.” – Jonny

Has it been what you expected? How has Covid impacted this?

“It has been a different experience from what I expected! I have only spent a couple of weeks in total in the office but that hasn’t stopped me from joining virtual socials and staying in touch with people in the office. Covid has meant communication is more important than ever!” – Abby

“I have thoroughly enjoyed my placement year and feel as though Covid has not impacted my experience too much. I was still able to safely come into the office at points in the year and work face to face with a lot of people from ChadSan. But also feel that Covid has encouraged more contact between offices so for those colleagues I have not met in person I still feel very comfortable with asking them for help from time to time.”

“The impact of covid has changed the course of my placement. Working from home took some getting used to! I feel very grateful that Georgia and the team were so great at onboarding me in such difficult circumstances. I feel I’ve still managed to learn as much as I would have whilst being in the office. Yet I am definitely looking forward to spending more time in the London office as restrictions start to ease.” – Jonny

Despite socials being limited due to Covid restrictions, which was your favourite?

“Definitely the Guildford Kitchen! Lots of drinks, lots of Mexican food and I got to meet more people from different offices!” – Abby

“Guildford Kitchen! This was our first proper social after restrictions eased in April and it was nice to catch up with members of the team of whom I had not actually met in person yet!” – Holly

“Our first in-person social was my favourite social. Was great to meet people face-to-face, especially people from the Guildford office who I don’t always work with on a daily basis. ” – Jonny

Sum up your placement experience in 3 words!

“Insightful. Stimulating. Fun.” – Holly

“Welcoming, social and fun!” – Abby

“Interesting, Challenging, Rewarding! ” – Jonny

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